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Winning Customers Via Business Telephone Etiquette   by benjamin black

There are a lot of techniques that you, as a business, could establish its relationship with its customers and one of those is through a business telephone. Prior to telephony, businesses build relationships by way of a direct method. This happens when the customer walks inside your store and really buys or just inquires about your products or services. But a few of them would not travel far to buy or just inquire. Now, with technologies available, some would just call the company making use of their own telephone service. This can be exactly where your business telephone is place to good use. Your first communication together with your callers would determine if they could be returning customers or not. If they are happy then they would be sure to return. But if they're unsatisfied or irritated, then ultimately these clients will switch to your rival businesses and you do not want that. It's important then to know standard business telephone etiquette in utilizing your telephone system.

. Smile when answering the phone
It wouldn't hurt to produce a smile when answering the telephone. Your callers wouldn't see your smile, but that is beside the point. Putting on a smile would provide you with a cheerful mood when speaking to somebody on the phone and this can be also felt by the person at the other end of the line. It is often important to provide a positive aura whenever you're conversing with someone.

. Keep a calm voice
It's important to keep a calm voice. Callers are far more appreciative of calm voices than powerful voices. They would feel more welcome and comfortable speaking to you. Your conversation with them would probably run much more smoothly.

. Speak clearly
Often speak clearly. Say the words slowly and concisely. Make certain that your caller understands you. Make sure that your callers would not have to usually ask you to repeat what you stated just because you are not speaking clearly. This would irritate them and much more often than not anger them. It would be a shame if you lost a customer just because you didn't speak clearly even on one occasion.

. Address your callers effectively
Remember that you are employing a business telephone. It is expected that you would be using a particular degree of professionalism when taking a call. Address them with "sir" or "ma'am". If the caller is a known person in the business, then it will be wise to call them by their name. Adding their title, such as doctor or attorney, is also recommended.

. Don't hang up first
Always let the caller hang up first. There are times that your caller has already stated their "goodbyes" but later on would still keep speaking to you. It will be a shame if you have already hung up the phone once they are still wanting to speak to you. This would insult your callers greatly. Let your callers hang up first to make certain that they are done talking.

. Don't take personal calls
Your company telephone is for business purposes and not for personal calls. Do not take mix up your personal calls with this handy business telephone. Only take personal calls if it is an emergency or of a great necessity. Utilize your business telephone for business purposes.

This simple business telephone etiquette would ensure that your callers will be satisfied with their calls. It's important to make that first impression to them. It would establish good rapport and ultimately, a lasting relationship between you and your clients. This would also provide you with your money's worth for the business telephone system.

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